Applying for Hajj Investment Fund

Am I eligible to invest in the Hajj Investment Fund?

For eligibility, you will need to ensure you:
- Are an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia
- Are aged 18 or over
Hajj Fund Features

Why should I have a Hajj Investment Account?

Hajj packages usually cost around $10,000 or more. Saving with a Hajj Investment Fund eases reaching the target while increasing the fund through Shariah-Compliant returns.

How is dividend calculated?

The dividend is calculated on the weekly average balance of the account. There are two different dividends calculated:
1. General membership account,
2. Self-managed Super Fund account, Children’s Education Fund account, and Hajj Fund Account.

When does ICFAL declare Dividends?

ICFAL's annual dividend is declared at Annual General Meeting (AGM) with approval from its members. The AGM is held within 6 months of the beginning of the financial year (usually September/October).

When do I get the dividend posted to my account?

The dividend is posted to all member’s accounts within 1 month of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a statement is sent confirming the posting.

How is ICFAL truly different?

We are one of Australia’s few, and only Islamic finance organisations, that is community-owned and operated. This means all our members have a voice in the management of the organisation and will directly share in any profit and loss of the organisation.

No single person or small group of individuals own ICFAL. The profits and losses are owned and shared by the members.

How are you community-owned?

Anyone who becomes a member of ICFAL will have a vote in the running of the organisation.
Our members are representative of the rich and diverse Australian Muslim community who contribute their money to help other members of our cooperative obtain Islamic finance through our globally unique Musharakah finance. A model that has been developed and refined over our 23 years of operation.

What does it mean to be a Co-operative?

“A co-operative structure is a legally incorporated entity designed to serve the interests of its members. They serve their members by providing goods and services that may be unavailable or too costly to access as individuals."

Generally, all members are expected to use or contribute to their co-operative and have an equal say in the running of the organisation. Co-operatives are subject to state and territory legislation the Co-operatives National Law.


Think of us as a type of crowdfunding where we simply accumulate funds from members willing to help other members acquire property.

How do I redeem my shares? What is ICFAL’s share redemption policy?

A member can redeem his/her shares by sending a signed and filled up “Share Redemption” form at any time.

However, due to the nature of the business, ICFAL may not have enough liquidity to pay all members according to their share redemption request. Therefore, any share redemption request for higher than $5,000 will require a minimum 30-day notice and the requests are processed depending on fund availability.

For all amount of share redemption requests higher than $10,000, the transfer may be made in stages for an extended period after the notice period ends.

How can I redeem shares if I need the fund urgently?

Due to the nature of business, ICFAL does not always have enough liquidity to process all or large share redemption requests in one go. Therefore, members are advised to inform ICFAL with a fair amount of time for any urgent payments to be made (e.g. land settlement/Real Estate payments etc). 

ICFAL always prioritize payments for medical and other compelling reasons (newborn expenses, death in family). Documentary evidence is required for compelling cases where the share redemption requests exceed $10,000.
Hajj Fund Shariah Compliance

How are ICFAL's investments ethical?

We invest in Shariah-Compliant investment that avoids any impermissible and doubtful elements in view of Islam.

How do you assure Shariah Compliance? 

All of ICFAL's processes are screened by our Internal Shariah Board. The Shariah Board adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited elements that makes us a 100% Shariah Compliant.

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