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Our story

ICFAL started in 1998 as an effort to support Muslims in Australia to live a Riba (interest) free life. This required providing Shariah-compliant finance for housing, vehicle, and community infrastructure. Energized by a group of highly motivated volunteers in its early days, ICFAL has grown to a leading Islamic Finance provider throughout Australia.

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Our mission

Establishing an Islamic Financial System that promotes a fair, collaborative, and sustainable future for members of our community.


Our team

A dedicated team of individuals runs the show to deliver a top-tier service for our members and customers. Our team also comprises of an internal Shariah board to oversee and ensure Shariah compliance on all our activities.

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Our values


Faith drove ICFAL to its existence. We base all our activities within the bounds of Shariah.

Trust & Transparency

We know how much trust is placed on us for Shariah Compliant products. Every step taken by ICFAL are trustworthy and kept transparent.


We believe community plays an important role in the well-being of an individual. All of ICFAL's financing and investments are aimed at the development of the community.


Sustainability is one of our primary objectives with our investments. This is why we support projects that reap benefits for a lifetime.

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