We are delighted to announce that Hasib has joined our team as the latest Islamic finance intern at ICFAL. We received a large number of applications from highly qualified and motivated students, and the selection process was rigorous. Hasib impressed us with his passion for Islamic finance and his enthusiasm to learn more about the industry. Currently in his final year of studies at UNSW, Hasib is an actuarial student with a strong interest in the behind-the-scenes operations of the Islamic finance industry. He is also an executive member of his university's Muslim Society and enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing basketball in his free time. The following is a photo he shared with us.

Hasib Doing bjj.jpg

Since starting his internship, Hasib has been actively involved in our projects and activities, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the team. We appreciate his curiosity and enthusiasm to learn more about Islamic finance, and we have enjoyed engaging in discussions with him on topics such as Islamic jurisprudence and the practical application of Shariah principles in the industry. Hasib's raw questions have provided us with an opportunity deepen his knowledge and understanding of Islamic finance, and we are happy to support his growth and development in the field. We are confident that Hasib will make the most of this opportunity and emerge from this experience well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the Islamic finance industry and the community in the future.

At ICFAL, we believe in investing in the next generation and helping them grow. We are excited to have Hasib on board and work with him to provide valuable experience and knowledge that will benefit him in his future career. Our Islamic finance internship is a program we aim to offer to one university student every year. We are committed to nurturing young talent and helping to prepare the next generation of leaders in the Islamic finance industry.

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