We started with the aim of being pioneers of Islamic Finance in Australia. Over the years we have provided various financial products for our community. Today, we have 4000 members who choose ICFAL for their Shariah compliant financial solutions, allowing us to manage $50M in funds.

Recently we have committed to improving the digital experience across our ICFAL business. Over the past 12 months, we have partnered with Radion Marketing and worked towards a new brand identity and digital experience platform. We are now excited to share our brand identity with you, which we feel captures and expresses our values, products and promise to a better community.

Our new visual identity

When deciding the direction, we wanted to keep the outlook familiar, something our members know and trust. The new logo is a mix of a logo mark and type that helps us to stand out from the crowd. We retained the mimbar and dome in our logo mark as it signifies our leadership in Islamic Finance and Investments.

Our bold new logo mark symbolises our commitment to faith. Every aspect of this transformation project had ICFAL's members in mind.

The convergence of different lines on the logo resembles the growth of the community towards a better society. With our new brand, we wanted it to be bold and inviting. A darker green complemented with lighter shades of green, black and white has allowed us to achieve that goal.

Our new digital experience platform

A new website was created from scratch, bringing the components of our new brand identity together. Going through a major redesign gave us the opportunity to hone in on the details that will enhance your virtual experience with ICFAL.

Earlier, the process of joining us required sending in a complete application form when only determining your eligibility for our products. We have now streamlined this process and introduced a ‘check eligibility’ step. After confirmation of your eligibility, only then will you be required to carry on and complete the whole application, saving our members valuable time.

You can now check your eligibility for our products in a matter of minutes.

Our new tagline

ICFAL has always been about serving the community with our products. We have always prioritised ethical investments that fall within the bounds of Shariah, with the hope of rewards both in this world and the Hereafter.

Our new tag line resonates with what we hope to achieve.

Live Ethical, Live Rewarded!

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