Our dedication to advancing Islamic education remains steadfast. We recognize that education is a vital means of empowerment, and we are determined to foster accessible, equitable, and inclusive educational opportunities for all Australians, particularly our Muslim brothers and sisters.

In this quarter, we have taken a significant step by submitting a proposal to make the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) system Shariah-compliant. Our objectives encompass:

Opening a Dialogue: We aspire to initiate a nationwide dialogue concerning equitable and inclusive financing mechanisms that serve all Australians, especially those from our Muslim community.

Suggesting a Feasible Financing Model: We propose the adoption of a potential financing model known as the "Service Ijaarah." This model aligns with the religious principles of our Muslim community while maintaining commercial feasibility.

Advocating for Practical Administrative Mechanisms: We earnestly call for the establishment of a practical administrative mechanism that facilitates the introduction of diverse financing options for Australian university students. This mechanism seeks to ensure that educational opportunities remain accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial background or religious beliefs.

Our commitment to education extends beyond mere words, and we are actively working to bridge the gap between academic aspirations and financial accessibility.

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