ICFAL, was honored with the Best Islamic Finance Cooperative award by Islamic Finance News (IFN) on its 25th-year anniversary. This recognition from a global authority like IFN, a leading Islamic Finance media outlet underscores ICFAL's exemplary financial practices and contributions to the cooperative finance sector.

Expressing gratitude for the community's unwavering support, Mr. Parvez Shah, Chairman of ICFAL, remarked on the significance of receiving the award. He emphasized the genuine connections built over the years through organic growth and a steadfast commitment to education and community relationships.

ICFAL attributes its success to a strong, loyal member base exceeding 5,000 individuals, considering them the heartbeat of the cooperative. The award not only acknowledges past achievements but also serves as a reminder of the responsibility ICFAL carries. The cooperative remains inspired to adhere to Islamic financial principles and deepen its commitment to ethical finance and community welfare.

Reflecting on 25 years, ICFAL sees the award as a shared accomplishment, accepting it on behalf of all its members. The cooperative recognises the support of Allah and acknowledges the collective efforts of its members, staff, and community partners.

As ICFAL receives this honour, it looks forward to continuing its journey with humility, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to serving the community.

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